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bullet Brochure Sites
bullet Database Solutions
bullet E-Commerce (Secure)
bullet Forms
bullet Interactive Webs
bullet On Line Catalogs
bullet Secure Web Sites    


bullet Collaboration Areas
bullet Content Management
bullet Corporate Intranet
bullet Enterprise Extension
bullet Financial Reporting
bullet Interactive Branding
bullet Marketing Extranet

Solutions For

bullet Site updates via FTP or Publish methods
bullet Domain name search and registration
bullet Search engine submissions
bullet Animations
bullet Audio and Video

Animations - On the Internet they are accomplished by using: gif, jpeg, or Flash animation programs or by using Dynamic HTML    

Audio and Video - A number of formats are supported although they can slow a site down considerably.     

Brochure-ware Site - Used to communicate a businesses products, services and capabilities.    

Business to Business Web Sites - Web's that serve the purpose of communicating between business.    

Collaborative Areas - Hosting a common office file such as a word processing document on the Internet so a number of people located anywhere in the world can contribute to the document.    

Commercial Web Site - Any business web.     

Content Management - Larger sites need management services to implement and control their sites content.    

Corporate Intranet - The Internet can be used to communicate privately within a company or organization. Can contain collaborative areas.    

Database Solutions - Databases are used to create sites that change dynamically to the responses of the visitors.    

Domain Name Registration - The legal registration of a .com, .net, or .org Domain Name with Network Solutions.    

E-Commerce - A site that can process a purchase transaction.    

E-Commerce,  Secure - A site that can process a purchase transaction using encryption.    

Enterprise Extension - Leveraging your core business applications.    

Financial Reporting and Investor Sites - Secure sites that are used to communicate financial data in a very timely fashion.    

Forms - The electronic equivalent of their paper predecessors. Results can be sent to a file, database or e-mail.    

FTP and Publish - Methods of transfering the files necessary for a web sites function to the host.    

Interactive Branding - Brochure-ware sites taken to a much higher level. Used to develop and build the product's marketing position.    

Interactive Web Sites - A site that responds to the visitors input. As simple as a form or as complex as a multi-user gaming site.    

Marketing Extranet - Using the Internet to communicate with retail partners, sales reps and distributors. Can contain artwork or ad's on demand etc.    

Online Catalog - Searchable database usually with photographs.    

Search Engine Submissions - The process of telling search engines about a web site.    

Secure Site - A site who's access is controlled through the use of passwords and user names or hidden files.